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お坊さん(浄土真宗)です。落語も好きで、歴史にも興味あります。 I am a Buddhist priest of Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha. I like rakugo (Japanese traditional comic storytelling) I am interested in history.

防衛予算は増えている Defense budgets are increasing




In France, the demonstrators keep their action. In Europe, more people have taken part in various kinds of demonstrations to appeal to their policies than in Japan.

By the way, European nations are increasing their defense budget and offering weapons to Ukraine. I did not hear that demonstrators in Europe opposed the policy.

Whereas, in Japan, some people demonstrate against the policy of the government increasing the defense budget. They insist that the policy endangers the peace.

I suppose that people in Europe do not evaluate these policies put them in danger of war.


岸田首相、ウクライナ訪問 Japanese Prime Minister visited Ukraine

Japanese Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio visited Ukraine to talk with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky. At the same time, Chinese President Xi Jinping was in Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. BBC compares both visits.


落語から仏教を知ろう! Would you like to learn about Buddhism through Rokugo

On May 30, we hold "GINZA NO RAKUGODERA" at the Tsukiji Hongwanji Ginza Salon. This is an event to like Buddhism through Rakugo, Japanese traditional comic storytelling. It begins at 7:00 p.m.
First, Mr. SANYUTEI Enjaku performs a Rakugo "Hikkoshi no Yume" (A dream of moving house). Next, I will talk about how desire blinds us to something important.
You can watch the streaming and the video, too. You can make the reservations on the website of the Tsukiji Hongwanji Ginza Salon.


よくわかるということと、自分がよくわかると感じることは、別です Understanding well is different from feeling yourself understanding well

落語を通して 仏教に親しむ企画「銀座の落語寺」が3月14日、築地本願寺GINZAサロンで開催されました。ご来場そしてご覧頂きありがとうございます。




On March 14, we held "Ginza No Rakugodera", an event to like Buddhism through Rakugo at the Tsukiji Hongwanji Ginza Salon. Thank you for coming and watching it.

First, Mr. SANSHOTEI Karyu performed a Rakugo “Nezumi” (A mouse). The story is following; HIDARI Jingoro, a famous skillful carpenter, stayed at a tiny and poor inn, Nezumi-Ya. During his stay, he sculptured a mouse. The sculptured mouse was able to move its body. Later, it became a topic, and more people came to stay at the inn, then it flourished.

Next, I talked about invisible treasures. In the Rakugo, HIDARI Jingoro did not boast of his fame. Those who have reached the profound often see their ignorance. On the other hand, people who are not aware of the profound yet tend to think they understand well. HIDARI Jingoro seems the former. Understanding well is different from feeling yourself understanding well. So, when you see yourself as ignorant even though you go on, that means you have proceeded to some higher stage.

We hold the next event on May 30.


仏教タイムスに紹介されました Bukkyo Times published our event

Bukkyo Times, a newspaper on Buddhism, published our event "Ginza No Rakugodera" on March 14. I appreciate it so much.


東京大空襲から78年 It has been 78 years since the Great Tokyo Air Raid

On March 10, 1945, the U.S. forces bombed Tokyo. It was the Great Tokyo Air Raid. They killed approximately one hundred thousand people. Memorial services are held for the victims today. I hope the world is in peace.


「噺-HANASHI-」の「おすすめ公演」に載りました! Listed in "Recommended performances" of hanashi.jp



Would you like to learn about Buddhism through Rakugo? "Ginza no Rakugodera" is listed in "Recommended performances" of "HANASHI", a website on Rakugo. This time's Rakugo is "Nezumi" (A mouse) by Mr. SANSHOTEI Karyu. Then, I'll talk about invisible treasure. We hold the event at the Tsukiji Hongwanji Ginza Salon on March 14 at 7:00 p.m. You can also watch the streaming and the video.
You can make the reservations on the website of the Tsukiji Hongwanji Ginza Salon.